Look after yourself this Christmas!

Every year around Christmas time I have a number of people come in to see me with lowerfather-christmas-7 back and neck spasms. When I ask these people how their pain came on, they reply that ‘they can’t really think of a reason, it just went into spasm’. This is a pattern I have observed for a number of years now and in my early years as a physiotherapist I was left scratching my head as to why these people had high levels of pain and intense spasms, without a clear mechanical reason for it.


Since I have transitioned to using a neuro-physiological approach and now use the SIRPA approach it is now obvious why I see this pattern. Christmas is one of the most busy and stressful times of the year! On top of your usual amount of stress, there are presents to buy and the stress of finding the right present for people. There is the food to buy in and the added pressure of making sure everything goes well on the day. There are more social events to attend and if you’re more of an introvert that may not be something you looking forward to. There is the prospect of spending time with your family and if you don’t get along with your family this can be difficult. You may also have work that needs to be finished before the holiday, so you are front loading to get that finished. All this is on top the stress that you already have in your life!


In previous blogs I have already explained how changes in lifestyle can cause stress. I have also explained how stress can make the central nervous system more sensitive and it makes muscles more hyperactive. If you’re not getting enough downtime, which can often happen in the lead up to Christmas, the pain and muscle spasm can come on to make you slow down.


During this period, try to take care of yourself and make sure you still have time for yourself. If you can, try and take ten minutes out of every day when you sit and do nothing at all. This will allow your nervous system to switch off. There is also lots of other good advice on the clinic’s facebook page: BPRC Facebook page


Look after yourself and have a Great Christmas!

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