Who to refer to the clinic

We specialise in helping people who have long-term persistent pain problems. We often work with people who may have already had investigations and undergone a number of treatments without success. We do not focus on the area in pain, but instead use a person-centered approach aimed at establishing the lifestyle factors that are causing the pain. We therefore treat the whole person and use a bespoke treatment approach to do this.

Below are some guidelines for people we may be able to help:
  • Someone who has had pain for more than two months
  • Someone whose pain does not match a clear mechanical presentation or who developed pain without a specific injury
  • Someone who has had more serious conditions such as cancer, infections and auto-immune disorders ruled out
  • Someone who reports they feel there is a link between the level of stress they are under and their pain, or who has a history of anxiety and depression
  • Someone who is suffering with associated conditions such as IBS or acid reflux