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Matt Kinal gives regular talks on his approach to chronic pain. He uses the latest neuro-physiological evidence to explain how physiological adaptations in the brain and nervous system produce chronic pain. He  also describes how emotional, cognitive and lifestyle factors can cause and reinforce this and how this type of pain is also reversible with the right understanding and approach. He uses the SIRPA approach to help people recovery and details of this approach can be found here: SIRPA


Talk dates and venues:


GP talk: Lower back pain the latest evidence and a novel treatment approach
  • Matt will discuss the latest evidence on lower back pain, including the recent papers published in the Lancet.
  • He will explain how psycho-social factors influence pain and the physiological effects they have on the central nervous system, neuroendocrine system and the brain. 
  • He will also present a novel treatment approach for chronic lower back pain, called the Stress Illness Recovery Programme (SIRPA). This section will include case presentations. 

Time and Date:  7-8pm, Wednesday, October 17th 2018

Venue: Litfield House Medical Centre, 1 Litfield Place, Clifton Down, Bristol,  BS8 3LS

To book on to the talk please email Matt on: or call: 07976 926347

*Please note this lecture is free, but it is not part of Litfield House’s lecture programme, so please contact Matt directly if you wish to attend


What people have said about previous talks:


“Matt’s talks are very thought provoking. He has an excellent understanding of the role of psychological factors in the development of chronic pain and nicely explains the physiological mechanisms. If you are new to working with people with chronic pain or an experienced clinician you will always get something out of the talks that will improve your practice.”

Dr Abby Tabor, Centre for Pain research, Bath University.

“I recently went to one of Matt Kinal’s presentations and I thought it was brilliant. It has improved my understanding of pain which I find helpful when working with neurological patients. I especially liked some of the studies, I thought they were a great eye opener and challenged some of the myths around pain. I feel that it’s important for healthcare professionals to gain a better understanding of pain to improve the quality of holistic care.”

Ulrike Barth, Occupational Therapist in Neurology

‘I heard Matt speak in 2012 and he could have been describing me!  I had had chronic pain -back, feet, shoulder, hip for 16 years since arriving in the UK. I became hooked on the SIRPA approach. It has changed my personal and professional life beyond recognition for the better’

Dr Lynn Thompson, NHS GP