Are you in pain?


At the BPRC our aim is to focus on you as a person rather than just your diagnosis. We provide a holistic and individual service that looks at lots of different factors that are associated with pain. By doing this we help people to understand why they have long-term pain and how they can move forward and potentially recover.

The causes of pain are varied, it can be caused by tissue damage, such as a pulled muscle, but this type of pain should settle within at most two months. Pain can also be triggered by the brain and central nervous system (CNS). When stress and negative emotions build up to too high a level it causes physiological changes in the brain and CNS to activate pain. MRI scans, x-rays and blood tests do not detect this type of pain as it is activated by adaptations in normal nerve pathways. Instead, pain too often gets attributed solely to something structural such as a  prolapsed disc, osteoarthritis or faulty bio-mechanics even though these are naturally occurring changes in the body. People then have lots of different types of treatment for something structural even though these treatments aren’t helping.

We are different as we take everything that could be affecting your pain into account. Through an in-depth assessment we help people to understand how negative thoughts, emotions and lifestyle factors are associated with pain.  By gaining perspective on this, we can help people to offload these negative thoughts and emotions, reduce stress,  begin exercising again and get their lives back, even when they’ve had pain for a long period of time!

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