My name is Matt Kinal and I’m a Specialist Pain Physiotherapist and SIRPA practitioner, I M-6 (1)set up the Bristol Pain Relief Centre to help people who have long-term persistent pain problems. This type of pain is often misunderstood and poorly managed and can leave people feeling frustrated and helpless.  I have a passion for helping people with chronic pain to understand why the pain has lasted so long, I explain this using the latest neuro-physiological evidence.  I then use self-help techniques advocated in the SIRPA approach (See below) to help people recover and get their lives back on track.

Part of the reason I am so enthusiastic about working with long-term pain sufferers is that for a long time I suffered with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). In my mid-twenties I made the connection between the level of stress and anxiety I felt and the symptoms I was feeling. Through managing the stress with mindfulness meditation I was able to prevent the symptoms occurring. A lot of musculoskeletal problems such as chronic lower back and neck pain, fibromyalgia and chronic temporomandibular joint dysfunctions (atypical facial pain) can work in the same way. They may feel like physical problems, but the pain is actually being caused by unconscious emotions activating nerve pathways to become pain pathways.

We are all different and each person’s triggers will be specific to them, but by examining what lifestyle factors are contributing to these chronic pain conditions and by making the relevant changes, it is possible to resolve long-term pain problems. Once I have helped someone to recognise and acknowledge the underlying emotions, I teach people self-help skills and techniques to manage the stressful triggers and to reverse the conditioned responses causing the pain. By applying these techniques it provides a long-term strategy to help prevent the recurrence of pain problems in the future.

I work closely with other healthcare professionals, so that when needed people can have multi-disciplinary input into their condition. To meet the other therapists at the BPRC click here: The team

I am always happy to discuss your pain with you and to find out if this approach is the right one for you. You can call me on: 0117 3306820 or email on: Matt@bristolpainreliefcentre.co.uk



The Stress Illness recovery programme (SIRPA):


The programme works on the basis that if our internal stress levels get too high, this can lead to over-activity in the central nervous system, which can generate and change the perception of pain. Normal nerve pathways are used for this process, which is why, diagnostic tests often don’t find anything wrong. Once this has happened, the pain causes us to change our daily routine and avoid certain activities, often because of fear of further injury. By conditioning ourselves in this way the nervous system is maintained in a hyperactive state, which leads to the maintenance of the pain. Through understanding the underlying cause of pain and by using the right tools for the individual, this programme can teach you to take control of your nervous system and overcome the pain!

The SIRPA programme is based on the work of Dr John Sarno, a pioneering doctor in the United States, who wrote the book ‘Healing back pain’ and diagnosed people with ‘Tension Myositis Syndrome’ (TMS). Since then a UK based physiotherapist Georgie Oldfield has developed the programme in the UK under the diagnosis of ‘stress illness’. I trained with Georgie to use this approach and to become an accredited SIRPA practitioner.

If you want to get started on your journey to recovery why not read Georgie’s book ‘Chronic pain: Your key to recovery’41-IF+HRvCL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_